FluffyLikeRazors is a complete redesign of an existing spreadshirt store for a graphic artist. The site was inspired by the artists work and a healthy dose of punk. The design needed to appeal to a wide range of subcultures and age groups while being as unique as the items the shop sells. Also commissioned was a set of three Google ads and an icon.

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Veritrace Spot SOS Trackers

Nightfire Digital contracted to Veritrace to assist with the design and build of a website and portal for Veritrace Spot SOS and Spot Secure GPS asset tracking devices. This is an ongoing project that will include the addition of an e-commerce section and expansion of the portal.

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Diet Croydon

A website to promote the publication of James Foremans' first novel, entitled Diet Croydon. Its purpose is simply to provide information and promotion on the author and his book. It is built using xHTML and CSS with Javascript and Jquery. The design is inspired by the urban life depicted in the book.

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Activ Cycles

These are some designs for a large extreme sports shop in Folkestone. The site will replace their existing site, adding e-commerce capability and reflect the shops new layout and feature its new product ranges. The site is being built on the Prestashop e-commerce framework. Check back soon for a link to the live site.

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Listed Joinery

Listed Joinery approached me to build them a simple website to match their new business cards. We provided a clean, simple site with a gallery to showcase the joinerys past projects and a easy to use enquiry form to make communication easier. We also provided the photography for the website. This website is built using xHTML and CSS with lightbox integration.

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Step Into Kent

Step Into Kent was a new site to promote Kent and the surrounding area to the U.S tourist market. The client specified that the site should carry a "regal" air to bring to mind the areas stately homes and links with the aristocracy. This site is a template for the Joomla CMS, it uses xHTML, CSS, Javascript and Jquery.

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John Parker International

John Parker International is a leader in the field of equine transportation.They required an updated site to replace their existing one. They required a simple functional site to promote their business and give a point of reference to those requiring information such as directions. The design was chosen to reflect the distinctive livery of their lorries – a source of great pride for their business. This site was built in CSS and xHTML with PHP.

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Colossus Project

My BSc final project was for Kent County Council. They required a website and a short 3D film to propose the idea of building a new monument in Kent to potential sponsors. I designed and built this website, a 3D version of the monument and produced the short 3D film, which aimed to show how the monument could look if built. Built in xHTML and CSS.

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